Living in Oxapampa

Oxapampa was founded in 1891 by a group of German and Austrian immigrants. Oxapampa is nowadays a nice blend of traditions and ways from German, Austrian and Peruvian cultures which manifest in everything our people does: architechture, gastronomy, dances, celebrations, etc. Be prepared to try traditional dishes, meat, sausages, some of the best coffee in the world and locally made alcoholic beverages from sugar cane. You can't miss visiting the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park and the Yanesha Native Community which are both one of a kind.

Oxapampa has very nice weather year round. Temperatures are always mild. There is a short rainy season that goes from from December thru March.

You will be able to find good services in Oxapampa: high quality health care, low cost markets, good restaurants and cafes, banks, ATMs, etc.

Oxapampinos are very friendly, have relaxed ways and are never in a hurry. However we make sure there is time for celebrations. The most important festivities occur between July and August, with August 30th being the Province Day.

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